Her Tusk Was Adorned With Rose Petals

by William Cody Watson

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Culled from sleepless nights spent in the warm embrace of Jóhann Jóhannsson, Biosphere, Angelo Badalamenti, Gescom, and Pop Ambient compilations; William Cody Watson (Gremlynz, Malibu Wands, Pink Priest, et al) furthers his musical layering of dreamy ambiance, droning minimalism, and experimental electronics with Her Tusk Was Adorned With Rose Petals. Hissing feedback shards pierce waves of static-soaked synth to create tonal atmospherics for post-midnight trips into the glow of the street lights -- images begin to form of wolves gnashing their teeth, wedding dresses on fire, and cold hands pulling worms from the earth.


"Brilliant album of droning electronics and outsider kosmische from William Cody Watson. Over the past two years WCW has established himself as a major talent in the US tape underground, and this ship-shape drop on Bathetic Records takes his work to a new level. Rejecting the new age tropes so beloved of his fellow synth-wielding peers, our man goes for a darker, more torrid sound - think night-driving music for a Terminator T-800 suffering from pangs of conscience. Even whooshing ambient tracks like 'Retractable Claws' have real teeth to them, making the set a great deal more rewarding than the usual analogue dronescapes. Check the samples, it’s a good’n, this." - Boomkat

"It’s not a complete Cerberus cycle without at least one quarterly mention of William Cody Watson — this time forgoing his nom de plumes (Gremlynz, Pink Priest) in favor of baring his sleepless soul. Her Tusk Was Adorned with Rose Pedals plays as lovely and as gory as the title implies; both sadistic and beautiful in its presentation as it unfurls before us as if in a trance. Watson’s listless musical soul has long mined droning melodies for spiritual awakening; with Her Tusk, he adds piercing electronics and dark tones. This is the work of a man who, disrobed of his monikers, is still putting up a wall between himself and the listener. Whatever personality quirks have led to this more dangerous Watson are unknown, but we’re better off for it. This is his “Chariots of Fire” actually ablaze; all the dreams he’s kept tucked under his pillow shredded, then coiled to make tape. When play is pressed, you too will succumb to Watson’s confessional tone. No words, just mood. At times uplifting but mostly a wobbled and fragile piece of art, Her Tusk’s blend of stripped electronics, buzzing drone, and methodical synth speaks to a Sandman that will never come; to a world not worth the effort to dream again." - Tiny Mix Tapes


released July 12, 2011

all music: William Cody Watson



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